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April 20, 2006

I've got a lover - ly bunch of...

Impossible to open big nut things. :(

Well I say bunch, what I really mean is one. I eventually had to just take the hammer to the thing and break it into pieces. Although I thought I'd drained it, this lead to a huge load of coconut water pouring out across my carpet... It worked in the end, but still - I swear those things used to be easier to open.

Still as I sat there with my broken shards of coconut shell lying all around me, I realised something else - just because the shell was broken open didn't mean that I could actually get to the coconut. I mean those things were like glued onto the shell or something :( I had to use a knife finally to pry the bits of white flesh off the shell so I could eat them. It turned out to be way more effort than it was probably worth, and I ended up with a belly ache the next day.

But over all it was fun! I can hardly wait until the next one...!


Kat said...

hello lovely.
try mangoes. fun in a messy kind of way but easier to eat.
also probably better for you.
but, hey, coconuts! where did you get them from them? did you win them at a fair?!

amanshu said...

I do like a good mango, but they seem to be out of season at the moment - or at least all the ones I've got recently haven't really rippened into a wonderful slimy, messy fruit!

I just bought the coconut at the supermarket. I like to buy different fruit every so often just to surprise myself :)