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April 04, 2006


You've probably noticed my complete lack of posts recently. I've been trying to work out why it is and I've got to say I'm not entirely sure. I was cat sitting last week, but that wouldn't have stopped me from posting (since I can post from either at home or at work). I've also been reasonably busy trying to do things for the forums third birthday (Yay!) but again that shouldn't have stopped me from spending five minutes posting something...

I even had a very enjoyable day on Sunday wandering around Wisley (and it's garden... centre I think, but really, it's so much more than that) with most of my family for my Mum's birthday. It was great fun (if slightly spoiled by a combination of rain and a lack of things being open/on over the winter. What's the point of a water feature that isn't on?).

But then I realised, there's very little that I can post that won't end up being a complaint about someone, somewhere. In fact I realised recently that the vast majority of people I see reasonably regularly are people I don't really enjoy being around. Most of the people I actually consider to be friends are people who are far, far away from me and I talk to online rather than face to face. In fact one of the best things about Wisley was I spent the day without being surrounded by people annoying me, and with people I was actually interested in talking to! For some strange reason that doesn't seem to be right. Like my life's missed a beat somewhere and I've got stuck in some bizarro world.

So I've reached the conclusion that come September (when I'll finally be free of the AMS/BAE beast I've been stuck with for the last seven odd years) it's time to get the hell out of dodge and go somewhere completely new. I'd like to eventually end up in Edinburgh, but I think I need to live somewhere else first (maybe even two or three places). Although where I end up will almost certainly depend on where work is I guess.

Part of me worries that all I'll really doing then is running away from my problems, but to be honest I'm going to have to paraphrase Pratchett on this one: it's not where you're escaping from, but to, that counts.


Kat said...

welcome back honey!
glad you had a nice time with your family.
it's funny the whole friends thing isn't it. i've felt that often in london. i think the past year has been a turning point actually. but it is really hard to make new friends, especially once you're out of the encouraging structures of education. thought you were going to take on a new hobby anyway so you had some fun folk to play with? what happened to rock climbing?!
sounds like a big decision anyway, well done for being brave. will you just follow where a new job takes you? exciting! x

amanshu said...

Yeah, rock climbing never really got going once I discovered how far away the closest wall actually was :( It'd be about an hour on the train...

I think the problem I've got at the moment is that there are too many gropus of friends: I've got friends from school down here, friends from Uni, new housemates, work mates, and then friends of friends that have become friends before the link left... I've reached this weird stage where hardly any of my friends aroudn me are connected to each other so I spend my life doing one on one chats to people, or even worse, three's a crowd meetups. Those get far too personal/intimate far too quickly, and they can easily end up losing their sense of fun!

I'll probably do a mixture of followign the job, and picin the place. There are some places I don't want to go to: Manchester/Liverpool to start, York might be fun but would be a bit of a step backwards... I'd prefer not London either - I'd hate to live there. I'll just start lookign really and see what comes up!

Kat said...

i'm with you on that friends from different groups thing. pete and i keep trying to think of people to invite for a dinner party but none of our london friends really know each other so its a bit tricky!

amanshu said...

You could always go the simple "get them together and make them friends route". It's easier to do that at a dinner party I think. I mean everyone tends to have a good time at your birthday/bar-b-q parties, so why wouldn't they get on over a meal?