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April 05, 2006

Early Mornings vs Early Nights

I've finally accepted that when one of my housemates says that his alarm goes off at 6:00am, what he actually means is that the first time his alarm goes off is at 6:00am.
Normally that wouldn't matter, but it was throwing my mornign routine completely out of wack since I could never judge when the shower was going to be free and so I generally ended up with train issues.

It did however mean that I managed to squeeze my morning routine either further down to only half an hour + cleanign the kitchen time after everyone else in the flat has ruined it.

Put these two factors together and I've discovered an added benefit: if I set my alarm for 6:00am I can be up and showered (and mostly dressed) by the time he stumbles through to the bathroom. End result: I don't have to see anyone until after I've left the house (which I generally think is a bonus - I'm generally not ready to present myself to the world at large until at least half an hour after I've started moving), I don't have to clean the kitchen because it hasn't been messed up from the night before (and so I only have to do it once a day! Yay!) and I get into work a full half an hour early which will nicely build me up enough time to leave early on a friday.

So generally all good. Except this means I'm going to end up even more tired in the evenings. Damn...


Kat said...

don't you go to bed at 3am? are you like mrs thatcher and can get by on 3 hrs sleep a night? or are you just learning to go to bed early?!

amanshu said...

Nah, not anymore - I'm all old and responsible and go to bed at 11pm. Then I lie awake until 3am before I finally get to sleep.

At weekends I skip out the whole lying awake for four hours thing. It's easier :)

You get used to sleep deprivation after you've been an insomniac for a while. You don't learn to like it (obviously) but you do get used to it...