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March 07, 2006

Hey Kat (aka Quitting Smoking 2)

You know it completely didn't occur to me that you might back track from my comment on your blog to here. Huh.

I'm also guessing that you're probably the only other person who knows this blog exists other than me (unless you've told Perro, in which case I guess he knows as well). The only other place I put a link to it was in my forum profile, but I can't see people reading it from there (if there are forum peeps out there then let me know, I'd be interested to find out).

I'm still in the fun playing around with the template/tone of writing stage I'll start telling people once I've decided what I'm going to finally go with. I've got to say the current affairs rant really doesn't seem to work for me. I guess I'm just not that kind of guy...

However the main point of this was to update the blog on whole smoking thing. I guess it wasn't quite as straight forward as I thought since whilst drunk on Saturday I ended up having a cigarette. On the plus side I only had half of it and then had to stub it and down a pint of water to try and wash the taste out of my mouth. It was gross, so I haven't had one since.

I haven't really decided about the whole what to do at Easter thing. Bizarrely the point of this latest attempt isn't to quit smoking it's more of a moral support thing. Basically one of my housemates girlfriends (Cat) decided she needed to cut down on her chocolate eating. So she decided she'd give it up for lent. But then she didn't think she could manage it. Muggins here got somehow talked into giving up smoking if she gave up chocolate. So we'll just have to see what happens come Easter. But if I can't have even a half cig without having to stop I'm guessing chances are good that I'll just keep on trekking.


Kat said...

how does that work then - what did you do to stop yourself from liking smoking? it's impressive, whatever it is, sounds like you're onto a winner!
i blogged just for perro for a fair while before i got the guts to tell anyone else... katwithak's still not on my profile - because i sometimes post on and comment on the moot blog and then people could see it! funny innit. but thanks for the dedication! x

amanshu said...

It's basically a variation on Allen Carr's easyway to quit smoking. The basic idea is that there are two things going on - a very weak physical craving and a very strong mental craving. The main problem most people have is dealing with the mental cravings. Personally my physical withdrawal symptom is a bizarre sort of emptiness in my stomach. A bit like hunger but not really (the whole hunger thing comes alter, round about week two as I recall).

In contrast the mental craving is more compelling but in some ways easier to break. After all it's just you versus yourself so you can tip the balance one way over another by just not having an argument. Not accepting that you actually miss smoking or anything along those lines. You end up removing the actual cravings and getting weird cravings for the cravings. It's a little bit bizarre, and there's more to it than that, but it works :)

Ewan said...

Purely in order to provide a counterexample,
I thought I'd put my hand up and say "Me! I've seen your blog too!" So that's at least me and Kat.

Actually, I only found it because of your link to my website. (Someone clicked it, and I looked at my referral log.) Therefore (a) thanks for the link - how kind! and (b) good luck with the not-smoking thing. You know it makes sense. Although, of course, it means you two will have to find another excuse to sit alone in the corner...

amanshu said...

Yeah that was me testing the link out. Your websites cool, I check it every so often to see if there are any new photos. If I had somewhere to put it I'd buy one, but I don't :(