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March 09, 2006

Avoidance techniques

So far it hasn't been too bad. I've taken the simple and straight forward step of avoiding work by not doing any. I should really get around to logging on to my work pc... (I have two pc's at work, one for work and one for messing around. It's possible the second one has another reason for existing but I've given up on finding it.)

Mexican Chimichangas for lunch. They seem to have sobered me up slightly but that just means I've now got a permanent headache. And the entire afternoon is spread before me with nothing but Questionable Content to keep me going. I've only got about two hundred more issues to go, so it might be close.

Oh, and I've just entered the lunchtime slow down period...

Deep breaths.


Kat said...

just thought i'd check in, in the hope you haven't got one of those 2-day hangovers - surely you're still too young for that.... x

amanshu said...

I'm afraid not - they're only occasional, but yes 2-day hangovers are a regular hazard of drinking now... So I'm afraid you'll start gettign them too soon... :)