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April 04, 2007

Very Important

I just got yet another obviously hoax chain email. I've replied before and I've tried before and quite frankly I've had enough. So I'm going to do the only thing left to me. Pay attention.

No email will give you something for nothing. It's a con. Delete it and don't send it on.

Any real email will have a date in it. If it doesn't that's because it is ridiculously old. Delete it and don't send it on.

No company would be involved with an email and not include a link to a website. Delete it and don't send it on.

You will be warned about bad things via the news. Not email. Delete it and don't send it on.

If you do forward an email on, please delete all the old email addresses on it first. Otherwise it's just a long list of email addresses for spammers. Alternatively: Delete it and don't send it on.

If you've carefully read what I have just written then know that this email was created on 04/04/07. It is a chain, but it serves no purpose other than making my life easier. Your's too, which is a bonus. Could you please send it on to two other people? Thank you.

If you haven't read a single thing I've said then this email will cause you to DIE in the next 24 hours unless you forward it on to at least 5 people. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

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