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April 26, 2007

Day tripping

The annoying thing about my current project is that every so often I get sent up to a little place just outside London. Actually it's not really that annoying since it gets me out of the office for the day, but it's a two hour trip there on the train which seems a little bit like eternity. I really do wonder sometimes how I've managed to commute so far for so long.

Anyway, usually when I get sent up I have some great big project to do. Something that I can really get my teeth into and enjoy for four hours or so. Last Tuesday however I spent the morning heading up with a rather large box with the express purpose of hot-swapping a part over. This basically means that I unclip a part from the back of a machine and then replace it with a new part without turning the machine off. And it probably took longer to explain that than it does to actually do it.

So it was rather annoying to get there and discover that I'd taken the wrong part up.

I'm going back again tomorrow. I've managed to scrounge up a few other jobs so I might actually have to spend a good hour there now, but basically I've got a four hour round trip to do one really important and ridiculously quick job, and two rather mundane and boring jobs.


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