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August 08, 2006


Apologies to Steve, as I'm blatantly nicking his photo, but it's so good I can't not share it :)

It is however rather large, so it might take a while to view it. Anyway, this was the view on the Monday night of the pub crawl in
Queensferry. that's the Forth rail bridge. The light on the right of the photo was a massive gas flame just over the horizon. There was a gas chimney where they were burning off the excess (we think).

The worst thing is this photo is amazing, and it still doesn't do it justice!


Kat said...

that looks amazing. you managed to get your alcohol intake back down to under 100 units a week yet? ;-)

amanshu said...

Just about - although I'm still having the odd bad day - safe to say that yes I am taking time off to let my liver recover :)