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June 15, 2007

I could be wrong

But I think there should be a ban on all "half hour" meetings that last over six and a half hours.

To be fair it did turn into two meetings with an hours break for lunch. The second one came about to try and stop the large rambling asides that kept croping up in the first meeting. I'd also say the second one was better controlled than the first one. The first one had a tendency to ramble all over the place completely ignoring the original point of the meeting, which in my book is a waste of time. It might be a very interesting waste of time sometimes (it wasn't in this case) but that's beside the point.

The second one was however split into separate topics and various people were called in throughout depending on who needed to be there. Unfortunately my job at the moment seems to be to be at everything and learn everything so I wasn't allowed to escape...

Which leads onto the whole London topic. There appears to be a weird view that I'll turn into some sort of SuperCam down there. I'm pretty sure they realise that I'll need to sleep at some point, but I'm not sure if they've factored it in...

1 comment:

Kat said...

argh, no meeting should ever last 13 times as long as you were led to believe! imagine if they originally expected it to last 2 hours and it ended up going on for 26 hours... :-s
you are quite super though! x